Mohammad Arab (Dara)

Department of Entrepreneurship · University of Tehran · Persia

Currently, I am looking for a convenient PhD position in a business school abroad. If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.


PhD, Entrepreneurship

University of Tehran · Tehran, Iran
PhD in Entrepreneurship

Cumulative GPA: 18.89/20

Selected Courses 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
Philosophical Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship: 19.5/20, Research Methods in Ent.: 18/20,, Business Environment Analysis: 20/20, Theoretical Foundations of Entrepreneurship: 18/20, Theories of Organisational Behaviour: 20/20, Management Theories: 19.5, Creating and Growing Business: 19/20, Market Forecasting: 19/20, Case Studies in Ent.: 18/20, Entrepreneurship Opportunities: 19/20
2021 - 2025

MS, Information Technology

MA University · Tehran, Iran
Information Technology Major in Electronic Commerce

Cumulative GPA: 3.63/4.0
Ranked within the top 15% of my graduating class
Scored a GPA of 4.00/4.00 in the last two semesters

Selected Courses 1
Information Technology: 20/20, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): 20/20, E-commerce Security: 20/20, Business Intelligence: 18/20, E-commerce Systems: 18/20, Article Writing: 20/20, Entrepreneurship in Information Technology: 19/20
2018 - 2020

BS, Mechanical Engineering

Allameh Dehkhoda University· Qazvin, Iran
Mechanical Engineering

Ranked within the top 10% of my graduating class

2013 - 2017

High School Diploma

Dehkhoda High School · Karaj, Iran

Ranked within the top %10 of students of all classes in the high school

2009 - 2012

Research Interests

I passed the methodology courses at MS and PhD levels, did multiple projects, and have the experience to start and manage research projects. My focus over the last year has been on Digital entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence and Business in general. Still, as I am enthusiastic about the related topics, I desire to work on various projects and get into the minutiae as needed. Please consider having a discussion with me for more information.


M. Arab, “Technological Change and the Erratic Business Environment: a comprehensive review" (Accepted - 5th International Conference on Business, Management and Finance)

  • Adviser: Dr Babak Ziyae 3


The business environment with active and erratic nature surrounds the business organization and influences the business's decisions, strategies, processes, and performance. Technology enables businesses to grow faster with convenience, so it is noteworthy to be carefully studied to understand today's continuously changing businesses better. Technological changes are constantly happening, and companies cannot wait for development to be completed; instead, they should be agile and cope with the dynamic and erratic business environment. This paper intends to provide a comprehensive review of how the environment forms entrepreneurship and why entrepreneurial actions play a significant role in technological change and innovative activity. This paper is based on a study of the most prominent investigations in the field.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Business enterprise; Business environment; Technological change; Innovation

M. Arab, “Maximising the Speed of Internationalisation in the Erratic Technological Environment” (Proposal)

  • Adviser: Dr Kamal Sakhdari 4


After decades of study on Internationalisation, it is still noteworthy in current literature. This paper intends to introduce a new approach to speeding up the internationalisation processes with the help of emerging technologies. Expansion into the international market can be a way to increase sales and reduce costs for firms in the technological arena. It can also be a means for the survival of firms. This research is based on an analysis of the most prominent high-tech companies. Internationalisation needs careful planning and patience, but in today's dynamic, constantly changing and competitive business environment, speeding up the internationalisation process can bring great advantages for business enterprises.

M. Arab, “Providing an Approach to Predicting Customer Quality in E-Commerce Social Networks Based on Big Data and Unsupervised Learning System” (Published, Research Project)

  • Adviser: Dr Alireza Jahani 1

Projects and Activities

Data Mining Projects: Classification and Clustering in Python using CRISP-DM methodology and different datasets (Credit Card Fraud Detection, Iris Species, Covid-19 and many others.)

  • Project Adviser: Dr Taha Mansouri

Web Development and SEO: Designing and Developing Websites and Online Shops (more than 20 diverse projects have been done since 2015)

Business Intelligence: BI Dashboard Design for an Online Shop using Microsoft Power BI

ERP workshop: Implementation of ERP System in Wingate company

  • Project Adviser: Dr Saeed Rouhani

Digital Marketing: Evaluating the Best E-commerce websites such as Tesla and Best Buy

  • Project Adviser: Dr Alireza Ghanadan

• Participated in the Iran International Electronic, Computer & E-Commerce Exhibition(ELECOMP) in 2017, 2018 and 2019. (Link)

• Participated in the Iran Web and Mobile Festival in 2018 and 2019. (Link)

• Contributed in the celebration of Organ Donation Day in 2019, Tehran, Iran. (Link)

• Education Coordinator at Transplanted Organ Procurement Unit of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 2019.

• Member of the Real Estate Consultants Union in Karaj, Iran (code:7638)

• Member of the National Virtual Business Association of Iran

• Member of the Information Technology and Digital Media Development Centre of Iran

• Participated in the WPSummit2018, Tehran, Iran. (More info)

• Proposal for launching a can making factory (automated production line) in 2016. (More info)

• Participated (as a visitor) in the International Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites and Plating Industries fair “IPCC” in 2016.

Work Experience

Founder, Team manager

Musefact Group

The foremost focus of this company is on small businesses to help them grow their capabilities and online presence through diverse and new technologies. The company has a team of professionals with education and experience in programming, graphic design, content creation and marketing. The team design and develop websites, online shops, and applications using modern frameworks & technologies. They also work on brand awareness and SEO projects and teach E-commerce related courses online. It has been my honour to lead a group of experts who are intelligent and glittering in their jobs.

Investor, Trader

Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Real Estate

Self-directed investor and long-term trader

2019 - Present

Information Technology Manager

Abad Rahdar Pars company, a subsidiary company of ARP International Group

Abad Rahan Pars company has been recognized, as an experienced contracting group with the goals for development in civil engineering, design and execution of road construction etc. I started working as a Technical Engineer. I had been decided to start my own business when I was the Manager of the IT department in the company.

2016 - 2019

Business Consultant

Arazshimifam company

This company has been manufacturing industrial and road paints since 2008. Loads of work had been done in this company to improve production, R&D, and marketing procedures, which were successful and had a great impact on all areas of business according to the outcomes.

2015 - 2016

Licensed Real Estate Consultant

Arab Real Estate Agency

Arab Real Estate & Property Management agency has been helping to find the right industrial property, office, home, etc at a great rate since 2002. The agency also gives professional consultancy to investors, owners, and tenants in order to track the estimated value of their property and stay in touch with their local market. I have been in this market since I can remember.

2013 - 2016

Language Skills

Persian – Native
English – Fluent
  • IELTS Academic (10 Jan 2023): Listening: 7, Speaking: 7.5, Reading: 6.5, Writing: 6, Overall Score: 7
  • GRE General: (Verbal Reasoning: ---, Quantitative Reasoning: ---, Analytical Writing: ---) (to be taken in Feb 2023)
Turkish (Türkçe) - Orta Seviye (sınava gerek kalmadı ama türkçem iyidir!)
French (français) - Niveau débutant (I just started and planned to learn in 2023)

Programming Languages and Skills

• First and foremost, I am a passionate learner and a researcher with a strong interest in new technologies.
  • Quality is a matter of how much Knowledge we have, how much we Practice with that knowledge and our inherent Talent which is diminutive.
  • From experience, I can manage projects, present, teach, and like to be challenged for advancements.
Professional Web Developer (PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Laravel, WordPress, Drupal, MySQL, Most of the IDEs, SEO & SEM services and tools, and many others.)
  • I have developed and managed numerous commercial web projects over the past years. And also comfortable with research assistants like Endnote, Zotero, etc.
Professional Designer/Editor, Adobe Expert (Adobe & Microsoft Products)
  • Enough knowledge and experience have been gained in order to work with most of the Adobe applications, such as Ps, Ai, Ae, Pr, Au etc, and the most used Microsoft services & applications.
Beginner Programmer in Python, Django, Node.js, Vue.js, React
  • I have recently started learning new programming languages and frameworks.

Sports and Hobbies

I enjoy learning, and consider that a hobby. I allocate loads of time to gaining knowledge from leading scholars and specialists. Most of my time is assigned to work; my priorities after that are staying fit and having quality time with loved ones. Playing snooker and puzzle-adventure games can also be enjoyable if I find the time!